Welcome to Goldseal Group

The Goldseal Group manufactures, promotes and applies GOLDSEAL CSI Technology.
This innovative technology has been developed in New Zealand.

Our core business is corrosion control in severe environments where traditional protective coatings deliver their shortest service lives and least value for the maintenance dollar. Goldseal CSI Technology has continually evolved since 1970 developing encapsulating barrier coatings with superior characteristics (see Bulletin 1).

CSI stands for CONTINUOUS SUBSTRATE INTERACTION. Not a hard film, rather a responsive, interactive coating that adapts to the changing conditions in a highly corrosive environment.

The Goldseal Group consists of independent International Licensees focused on delivering contract solutions.

  • Less surface preparation
  • Single coat, variable build coating
  • Shorter contract times
  • Less Client down time
  • Longer Service Life
  • Lower applied cost

Goldseal CSI Technology is a 97% solid as packaged, applied by standard hot airless spray equipment, direct to corroding surfaces over steel, galvanizing or sound previous coatings without grit or soda blasting.

The Technology has been MAF and AQIS approved, low VOC 2.9%, non dangerous goods and spill recyclable, with a lower applied cost than 2 pack coatings.

Goldseal CSI Technology takes a different approach to corrosion control. It is proven in the field to deliver a long service life in challenging end uses. These include Bridge undersides, Galvanizing plants, Fertilizer Stores, Steel and concrete wharfs (including spalling concrete), condensation voids and shafts, barge interiors, port facilities , vibration and processing facilities (ore processing, tanneries, meat works, canneries, wool scours and cool stores) and damp or refrigeration areas.

Our Licensees are highly mobile working in with shut downs and contractors on multi section contracts.

For Specifiers and Maintenance Engineers a 14 page interactive pdf is available.

Goldseal is proven in the field to deliver a long service life in challenging end uses.

Company History
In the 1970's the Goldseal began working with Industry to improve the performance of basic maintenance in severe process environments such as tanneries, wool scours and meet works.

By 1979, in high build industrial form, it was applied in Ferriers Wool Scour in Wiri Auckland, where conventional paints of the time, were breaking down in 12-18 months. As the years went by with no need for maintenance, the product was accepted by industry and went on to coat every major hide tannery in New Zealand

Geothermal activity in the form of sulphur fumes and chemical deposits is known to be highly corrosive.The Rotorua District Council was forced to consider all options to protect its bridges, where they were not regularly washed by natural rain. Goldseal now coats most bridges in this county, with minimal maintenance.

Twenty five years later full time applicators are working with over 50 district councils applying Goldseal (without sand blasting or primer) to a wide variety of the steel highway, rural and tidal bridges throughout New Zealand.

In an increasingly complex world, Goldseal remains a refreshingly simple, cost effective corrosion preventative, with commonly, no factory shutdown.