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Company Attributes
The GoldSeal Group consists of Territory owning contracting entities,
that promote their services and build relationships in their own areas.
The mix of business is slightly different in each territory.

However the power and expertise of the Goldseal Group lies in our combined experience. We assist our clients and each other with that combination of Technical, commercial and contracting skill.

The attributes outlined are influenced by our clients operations and the climatic environment they operate in.

RustProof Services NZ (2005) Ltd
Pacific Islands, Northern Territories, Western Australia
Company Attributes

Goldseal Rustproofing Ltd
South Island (New Zealand),South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania
Company Attributes

Rustproof Coatings Ltd
North Island (New Zealand), Queensland (Australia)
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Goldseal Rustproofing Ltd
South Island (New Zealand), South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania
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Insurance while outside NZ
ACC New Zealand covers injuries occuring to New Zealand residents while overseas, in addition we
maintain travel insurance.
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