The Goldseal range of rustproofing compounds are formulated as single pack, single application encapsulating barrier coats to protect oxidising steel. They are corrosion neutralising and lubricating. Goldseal is a niche solution in extreme environments. These environments are often associated with aggressive chemicals, marine deposits, volcanic fumes and condensation ( leading to chemical combinations).

The maintenance program is then often complicated by lack of access, time/tide constraints or difficulties with surface preparation and inter-coat contamination.

Points of Difference
Goldseal Industrial Rustproof has a 40 year plus history, as a cost effective corrosion solution. There is documented performance in the field from 10 to 30 years in Ph environments from 1-11.

  • Single pack/single coat minimum 300 microns
  • Combined Product/Application Warranty
  • Cost effective
  • Proven extension of asset life
  • No solvent
  • 90% solids
  • Penetrating/self healing
  • No sandblasting
  • Spill recyclable
  • No crack/peel
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Storage safe
  • Weldable/no fume
  • Simple hand repair

Technology Wheel of surface treatment options
The technology wheel identifies 11 categories of products that treat surfaces. Each product category identifies a group with different functionality.

Goldseal is a compound. Compounds are not dry film build paints. They are designed for application directly to oxidising steel and spalling concrete with minimal preparation. The substrate can be new, oxidised, previously coated or galvanised. Sandblasting or surface grinding is seldom required.